#ArtySunday at Hangar Bicocca, Milan Italy

Hangar Bicocca art exhibition | Dilya London

Hangar Bicocca is one of my favourite contemporary art centres. Here they organise exhibitions on a large scale, I mean, some art objects can reach the height of a building, like in the case of Space Foam by Tomás Saraceno. Art here is interactive and entertaining, it is always a special experience.

I’ve visited Hangar on a Sunday, the 2nd of October, with my friends and took some pictures on my film camera. Lately I’ve been experimenting with expired films, as they often bring some curious effects to the photographs, always unpredictable and surprising.

Hangar Bicocca art exhibition | Dilya London

Currently there’s an exhibition of a contemporary Japanese artist, Kishio Suga, open until 29th of January. There are over 20 of Suga’s installations, he used very basic materials, combining industrial and organic elements together. Installations are very minimalistic.

Kishio Suga Hangar Bicocca

Hangar Bicocca | Dilya London

There’s also a very nice restaurant inside the art centre, called Dopolavoro Bicocca, where you can exchange opinions about the exhibition you’ve just seen with your friends 🙂

Hangar Bicocca | Dilya London Hangar Bicocca | Dilya London Hangar Bicocca | Dilya London

If you haven’t seen it yet, you can watch my video from the previous exhibitions that I visited at Hangar to get a better understanding of what this space is like:

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