Fashion Film Festival Milano – top 10 films

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Yesterday I’ve visited Fashion Film Festival, I found it very inspirational, this post is dedicated to the selection of 10 movies I liked the best. Of course, I haven’t seen them all, so this list is not an objective evaluation, but only an attempt to introduce the content presented on the festival for people who are not able to go and visit it. Hope you enjoy!

I’ll put the film I like most of all on the first place, then it’s just a list of movies, no ranking.

  1. – filmed amazingly, but the reason I liked this film the most is for the message that it transmits.

    Film Title: Incredible Machines

    Director: Kathryn Ferguson

    Brand: Selfridges

    Country: United Kingdom

  2. – such a beautiful work!

    Film Title: The Feeling

    Director: Matt Lambert

    Brand: Marc by Marc Jacobs and i-D

    Country: USA

  3. – very unusual style, great approach, very dynamic.

    Film Title: Ready, Set, Go!

    Director: Vicky Lawton

    Brand: Chanel Cruise

    Country: United Kingdom

  4. – it feels like you’ve watched a whole movie. Interesting scenario. Loved the approach to the product placement, so subtle, in contrast to ‘in your face’ one, practised quite often.

    Film Title: Color Guard

    Director: James Alexander Warren

    Brand: Ray-Ban

    Country: USA

  5. – I’ve already seen some films of city frames project, all of them are beautiful and interesting, this one in particular has a great unexpected ending 😉

    Film Title: Juliet (Films of city frames project)

    Director: Rose Glass

    Brand: Giorgio Armani

    Country: United Kingdom

  6. – dynamic, amazing camera work.

    Film Title: State Of Nature

    Director: Francesco Torricella

    Brand: ETRO

    Country: Italy

  7. – such a kind film, it’s about creative couples who work together, really actual for me 🙂

    Film Title: Couples

    Director: Marcus Linnér and Daniel de Viciola

    Brand: Converse

    Country: USA

  8. – I’m sure many of us will recognise themselves in the main character of this film, I sure did!

    Film Title: Digital Romantic

    Director: Irina Alexiu

    Brand: Lana Dumitru, collaboration Lana X Britnic

    Country: United Kingdom

  9. – Esquire Russia (don’t know about other countries) have a section in the beginning of the magazine, where a beautiful woman tells an anecdote, well this movie is somewhat like that section. Loved the sound and video editing work!

    Film Title: Jokes

    Director: Marie Schuller

    Brand: Dice Kayek

    Country: United Kingdom

  10. – this film is not dynamic at all, but in a good way… I mean it doesn’t always has to be “one-clip-per-one-second, pam-pam-pam and then it’s all gone”. Sometimes it’s good to let the frame stay a bit more, that’s what I’ve been trying to do in my own videos, it’s much more difficult I should say.

    Film Title: The Jellyfish

    Director: Leigh Johnson

    Brand: COS

    Country: United Kingdom

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