Motorcycle trip to France – part 2

Motorcycle trip to France | Dilya London


It’s time for the second post about last summer’s journey to the South of France on a motorcycle! Check the first part here, if you haven’t seen it already 🙂

So after Saint-Mandrier-sur-Mer we headed towards Marseille, approximately 70 km, where we had booked a few nights in this room. I have to say, it was the best AirBnb experience I’ve ever had! The hosts are very welcoming and kind, and their place is very clean, they have a terrace with a wonderful view, where we had those breakfast that I still think about with a smile on my face.

French breakfast | Dilya London

Things to do in Marseille: 

  • have dinner in a street called Rue De Panier. It has a very nice atmosphere, it’s full of cozy restaurants, some of them with live music.
  • go up the roof of the MuCEM (Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilisations), I haven’t been to the museum itself, but it should be interesting! Mind the opening hours)
  • visit the old port, which is very close to the MuCEMold port Marseille | Dilya London
  • go to the beach Escale Borely, the sea is clean and the view is amazing, you enjoy the light blue water AND the mountains at the same time! Like this:

Marseille France

From Marseille, as usual we have visited a few places and based on my experience the most beautiful things to do if you are traveling around France on a motorcycle are:

  • calanque Port Pin and calanque d’en Vau. Very beautiful and particular places. Calanque in English means creek, Port Pin is closer to the parking, you’ll have to leave the motorcycle/car and walk for like 40 minutes to reach Port Pin. Of course, it is more crowded there compared to d’en Vau, but to reach d’en Vau, you’ll have to walk for another hour and there are quite difficult places, where you’ll have to climb up or down. It’s nothing impossible, BUT be sure to wear sneakers and arrive early as it will be very unpleasant to walk and climb under the sun at its maximum heat.
  • Route des Crêtes, D141 to be specific, it’s so incredibly beautiful, especially with the subset light, especially if you are on a motorcycle 🙂 One of the best experiences!

Route des Crêtes D 141 Cassis

  • Calanque de Sormiou, this creek is much closer to Marseille, the sea is light-blue colour and it is also full of tourists during high season. However, the place is so beautiful, so who cares? 😉 By the way, an important tip for motorcycle riders: after a certain point there’ll be some guards who let people in, cars cannot pass, first they stopped us too, but then they actually allowed us to go down on the motorbike and oh well, that saved us 40 (!) minutes of walking down and 1 hour (!!!) of going back up. So just be nice and kindly ask a favour.

Calanque de Sormiou | Dilya LondonCalanque de Sormiou | Dilya London

  • Cassis is a nice little city, after visiting the nearby creeks or ofter having seen the Route de Cretes, you can take a walk and have dinner here.

All in all, traveling on a motorcycle is a tiring, but such an exciting adventure! It’s definitely worth trying it at least once in your life. You just have to find the comfortable rate with which to move, because clearly every time you change place you need to do all the packing all over again, prepare motorcycle, etc. But the things you can reach and see from a motorcycle are incomparable with a car, believe me.

P.S. bring motorcycle locks and chains, never leave helmets, when you leave, bring them with you. It’s a conclusion I made observing what locals do, that’s the most secure thing.

Thanks for your time I hope this post was useful. For questions, leave a comment below.

Check out the short video I made about this trip:

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