Our trip to Russia. Kazan: what to do & vlog

The third city that we visited in Russia was Kazan. It is the capital of Tatarstan republic, where I lived for 8 years. It takes 22.5 hours to get from Saint Petersburg to Kazan by train, so we took a plane, which departed at midnight, so we had more time to spend in Saint Petersburg.

For accommodation, Kazan offers many nice hostels.

What to do:

Kremlin – the Kremlin and its territory is usually the first thing tourists go visit in Kazan. The entrance inside of the walls of Kremlin is free. You’ll see other popular attractions like The Qolşärif Mosque and the leaning Söyembikä Tower.

Baumana street – pedestrian street in the centre of Kazan, similar to Arbat street in Moscow. Full of street artists, souvenir shops and cafes. We also rented bicycles on Baumana street, see the vlog 🙂

Gorky Park – it’s nice to take a walk there, in the vlog below you’ll see the fountains where a lot of kids play, it was in the Gorky park. Moreover, there’s a rope park located close to the park, called Sky Park. If you crave some outdoor activity – it’s a nice option!

Tatar suburbs – also shown in the vlog, very beautiful traditional houses, made of wood, reconstructed a couple of years ago, really worth seeing.

Embankment – the best time of the day to visit the embankment (on the side of Kremlin) is the evening. It is full of lights, there’s a street library, a piano, lots of activities for children.

Sviyazhsk – it is a city located on an island, 1-hour car ride from Kazan, very particular place, if you’d like to discover Russian folk culture – this is where you should go!

Restaurants & caffes

Tea House – located on Baumana street mentioned above. Best for breakfast or lunch, as they close pretty early and hence stop cooking early. You might not find a great variety at 7 pm. The place is simple, self-service, but the food tastes like home-made. I advise you try some tatar specialties here, like the triangle made with meat and potatoes (see photos), elesh made with chicken meat and potatoes (see photos) or gubadia (see photos)

Sviter – cute place in the center, variety of cuisine, veggy-friendly, a bit hipsterish 🙂

Govinda’s – a small vegetarian place, even if you are not veggy, I suggest you try this place, the prices are very good the food is tasty. Also I couldn’t resist their sweets, they were beyond delicious.

Check out my vlog from Kazan for more information:


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