Hangar Bicocca Art Exhibition | Vlog

In order to learn more about contemporary art, I went to a guided tour of Laure Provoust’s exhibition in Hangar Bicocca, Milan. This is an art vlog, dedicated to this exhibition and to Hangar Bicocca in general.
Hope you like it and you discover something new and interesting about contemporary art from this vlog 🙂
This exhibition is open till 9th of April 2017, it is completely free. Guided tours organised by Hangar Bicocca are also free of charge.
More info: http://www.hangarbicocca.org/

Чтобы побольше узнать о современном искусстве, я сходила с гидом на одну из выставок в арт-центре Ангар Бикокка.
В этом видео я рассказываю про самые интересные элементы этой выставки. Вход в Ангар Бикокка бесплатный, туры с гидом тоже! Подробности на сайте: http://www.hangarbicocca.org/

Fondazione Prada Milan, Art Exhibitions Vlog

Fondazione Prada has recently opened a new space called Osservatorio, I went to visit is for the first time, saw the ongoing photographic exhibition and a week later went to the main Fondazione Prada for more contemporary art!

Photographic weekend in Milan, Italy | vlog

Last weekend’s vlog, recommended especially for photography-lovers.

I visited Photo Vogue Festival and the talk with Paolo Roversi, the next day full of inspiration I went on a photographic walk around the city with 3 film cameras in my backpack 😛

#ArtySunday at Armani/Silos, Milan Italy | Vlog

Things to do, guide in Milan, Armani Silos

So if you ever wondered what to do on a cloudy chilly Sunday in Milan, I have a suggestion for you! Go see an art exhibition 🙂 There is such a great choice of them in this city, you’ll never get bored.

By the way, every first Sunday of a month, you can enter in many museums for free, most of them are state, like Pinacoteca di Brera or Aquario Civico, but Armani/Silos also joined this initiative and I went to visit it last Sunday.

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#ArtySunday at Hangar Bicocca, Milan Italy

Hangar Bicocca art exhibition | Dilya London

Hangar Bicocca is one of my favourite contemporary art centres. Here they organise exhibitions on a large scale, I mean, some art objects can reach the height of a building, like in the case of Space Foam by Tomás Saraceno. Art here is interactive and entertaining, it is always a special experience.

I’ve visited Hangar on a Sunday, the 2nd of October, with my friends and took some pictures on my film camera. Lately I’ve been experimenting with expired films, as they often bring some curious effects to the photographs, always unpredictable and surprising.

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