Hey everyone!

I love going to live concerts, discovering new bands, new music genres and enjoying the whole concert atmosphere, aside from travels, live concerts are certainly one of the best experiences of my lifetime. Fingers crossed, I hope to go to a music festival very soon (YAY!) 😀

Omar live in Biko Milan Love in Beats View Post

Pink Floyd Art | Dilya London

Music is the greatest inspiration for my art and for my life in general.

I get things done with earphones, I overcome difficulties. Once I wrote in my twitter account: “Listening to the right kind of music, helps to overcome all existing problems in accomplishing your aims.” I do believe that is exactly how it works.

I can’t even describe what Pink Floyd means to me, it connects to my soul, changes the chemistry of my brain, it gets me high, my mind flies into space and then I create without thinking.  View Post