My best friend Katya came to visit me in Milan and we went to see some ongoing art exhibitions, chilled in the sun at terraces with the most amazing views, visited Lombardia Region building’s 39th floor and cats of the Sforza castle 🙂

If you have any questions/need any indications for your weekend in Milan, leave a comment below!

In the beginning of January I went to ski in Valle D’Aosta with friends.
Aosta turned out to be a very beautiful little city, with roman theatre and other constructions, preserved perfectly.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get so lucky with the weather and it was very windy, but that happens sometimes, so we remained just for one day. Good thing Pila, where we skied is just a couple hours of car ride from Milan 🙂

Hey guys,

happy New Year! May it be full of great surprises and improvised beautiful trips.

New vlog is up on my channel. If you love mountains and Italy, Barzio is easily reachable from Milan, only 1-hour ride by car. The ski resort close to it is called Piani di Bobbio.

Amazing view on mountains, skiing, snow walking and trekking are a few of activities you could do here. I really wanted to take my mind of the busy routine for one day and I managed to!
I also included some clips from our March trip to Piani di Bobbio to show the place with snow 😉 I hope you enjoy!

Last weekend’s vlog, recommended especially for photography-lovers.

I visited Photo Vogue Festival and the talk with Paolo Roversi, the next day full of inspiration I went on a photographic walk around the city with 3 film cameras in my backpack 😛

Weekend in Milan Porta Venezia

If you live in Milan or you are coming here, you should definitely take a couple of hours to explore Porta Venezia district on the East side. It is famous for its buildings in liberty style, shopping in Corso Buenos Aires and the Gallery of Modern Art, which I wrote about in one of my first posts.

I continue to look for and discover must-see, beautiful places in Milan, whenever I have time. It is a great pleasure to share what I find and show that there are many interesting things to do in Milan, there’s more than only the Duomo to see 😉

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