Weekend Escape To Orta Lake, Italy | TRAVEL

I love living in a big, dynamic city, but sometimes it can be overwhelming, so this weekend we went on a daily trip from Milan to Orta lake, where the air is fresh and the mood is calm. Spending more time outdoors feeds our “nature neurons” and our natural creativity. Researchers at the University of Michigan have demonstrated that after just an hour interacting with nature, memory performance and attention spans improved by 20%. Hope that worked on me! 🙂

Weekend Escape to Lake Orta Italy

Orta lake is approximately one-hour car ride from Milan, the landscapes are beautiful and it’s not so crowded as, for example, in Como. Relax and observe the beauty of the nature, local villas and their gardens!

Weekend Escape to Lake Orta Italy

It’s worth visiting the historical centre of Orta San Giulio. Of course, don’t forget to take pictures! 😉

June is my favourite month of the year, as it is full of blossoms.. so beautiful.

Song of the weekend: Air – All I Need, listen on Apple Music.

Photography – www.marcocarlonifotografia.it

Captured on Sony Alpha6300 + 50mm f1.4

Pink jacket – https://bit.ly/2xkjp8W

Headphones – Frends


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