Weekend in Matua and Cremona, Italy | vlog

Mantua has been chosen as a capital of culture in Italy, so it’s full of different kinds of events! It’s definitely worth checking out this city.

I found it absolutely wonderful, you know how little Italian cities have this lovely atmosphere. Well, Mantua has a beautiful river by its side, which makes it even more charming.

We were lucky to see the exhibition of retro cars, a whole square was full of them! It was beautiful.

Mantua | Dilya London

Cremona is famous, because the greatest violin master of all times, Antonio Stradivari, lived and worked here. Even nowadays there are more than 100 boutiques of violin masters in Cremona. The Violin Museum is a wonderful place to visit.

For more details, check out my vlog from the weekend in Mantua and Cremona, where me and my friend Katya had great time:

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