What series to watch – 5 great shows you shouldn’t miss!

What tv series to watch

Winter is time when many of us like to get under a cozy blanket with a cup of hot chocolate…and watch series! I sure do ūüėČ

So if you are in need of some ideas on what TV series to watch, be sure to check these 5 out (I attached links to the titles). I hope you enjoy! Let me know which one you’ll watch and leave your own recommendations in the comments below.

  1. Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency¬†– it’s weird and funny, Elijah Wood plays one the main characters. As understood from the title, it’s about a detective, solving crimes and it has a touch of “supernatural” to it, which I don’t enjoy usually, but in this case it doesn’t bother me. Some scenes are so absurd, they’ll make you laugh! There is only one season out at the moment, but I’m looking forward to the second one coming out this year.what series to watch
  2. Girls Рfour girls in their twenties, trying to make it in New York! Relationships, craziness and creativity. 5 seasons for now, the first episode of the 6th will come out in a month.What series to watch
  3. Mozart in the Jungle¬†–¬†what happens behind the curtains at the New York Symphony orchestra. The main character is an oboe player, named Hailey will prove that classical music is far from annoying!¬†Third (and currently the last) season features Monica Bellucci.What series to watch
  4. Easy¬†– this one was a random¬†discovery for me. Each episode, there are 8 of them, is like a short film, everything happens in Chicago. Episodes¬†are barely connected to¬†each other and¬†they are really¬†interesting. What I liked the most is, however complicated were the problems between people¬†in those episodes, each of them has been resolved in a very wise way without being soppy and annoying and that’s a very hard thing to do!What series to watchyes, it is Orlando Bloom on the picture ūüėČ
  5. Sherlock – probably, most of you have already seen it, but if you haven’t, definitely do. Each episode lasts for approximately an hour and a half, but you won’t believe how the time flies when you watch it! Currently there are 4 seasons out, 14 episodes in total. I’ve got to say, out of all the series I’ve seen, this is the only one I prefer to watch with subtitles, because when Sherlock explains his deductions, he does it incredibly fast, it’s challenging, I love that.what series to watch

By the way, I watch everything at ororo.tv and I really recommend it, especially if you are not a native speaker, they have subtitles in many languages for all the tv series and movies. You can watch up to 1 hour per day for free.

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